Chris Knapman Landscape Artist
Chris was born and educated in Surrey, England. As a teenager his hobby was photography and sketching, cars and motor racing in particular were the favourite subjects and he received many school prizes for his work.
On leaving school Chris qualified as a surveyor, working closely with architects his interest in both new and old architecture grew to an extent that he spent much leisure time drawing fine details of buildings of interest. Here he developed a keen eye and became proficient in producing accurate perspective, a skill that is much admired by many artists.
Following the building slump during the late 80s Chris left the industry to start his own business, Collectors Car Books a shop and internet business specialising in rare motor racing literature. During this time Chris and his wife Lin bought a property in Italy and enjoying the life style so much they decided to retire early and soak up the Italian lifestyle.
The wonderful changing colour and light playing on the buildings and landscape in Italy renewed Chris’s interests in drawing and painting. This is now an important part of enjoying the surroundings to capture on paper or canvas the moods of each changing day. For Chris this never ceases to inspire the next painting,
Chris’s work is present in several collections in both UK and in Italy.
Each item of art is original and not repeated in the same format, I only sell this way and do not produce prints or postcards thus giving my clients confidence that they have an exclusive piece of art.