Welcome to my portfolio

All my work is original and is either painted on site or from many detailed photographs that I have taken myself.

I am inspired by interesting architecture and landscapes of all kinds and have particular interest in the way that the changing shadows of the day influence the mood of the image portrayed.

Painting on location lends itself to watercolour, however certain scenes and places encourage the use of other media such as pastels and oils; see gallery/images for full details.

The sizes of the images shown do not include mounts or frames, all the art is signed and features a short detail story of the scene. Please click on gallery to explore your favourite locations.

Generally prices for watercolour range from £50.00 to £95.00 depending on size, oils and acrylics range from £85.00 to £250.00
Please use the contact tab to ask for confirmation of sizes and individual prices, or if you would like to know more about my work or the places featured.

Each item of art is original and not repeated in the same format, I only sell this way and do not produce prints or postcards thus giving my clients confidence that they have an exclusive piece of original art.

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